Virtual Talks and Activities


Thank you for your support of NSVM 2020!

We hope to spark new partnerships and continue to motivate seniors to keep embracing volunteerism in this new norm. While the NSVM 2020 Opening Ceremony has concluded, our work to drive senior volunteerism still continues.

If you wish to partner us, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Zoom Session 1 

Code Time Programme
A1 12.00pm - 12.55pm

Beyond Dialysis - Be a Navigator of Hope by NKF
Presented by Ms Tan Wee Ting, Executive (Donor & Volunteer Management)

Kidney failure is an incurable disease. Without a transplant, a kidney patient must undergo dialysis treatment in order to sustain their lives. It is often a lonely and isolated journey.

Join NKF at this talk to learn more about kidney failure and its treatment modalities. Find out how you can make a difference in another’s life and spark joy in them once again.

A2 1.00pm - 1.55pm

Coping With New Norm of Volunteering by Institute of Mental Health
Presented by Ms Catherine Chua, Volunteer Programme Manager

Join this sharing session on how to cope with the new norm of volunteering amidst this pandemic.

A3 2.00pm - 2.55pm

Cancer & Nutrition: Myths vs Facts by 365 Cancer Prevention Society 
Presented by Ms Stephanie Chua, Dietitian

People and the media love to sensationalise on the link between cancer and nutrition. However, how many of these nutritional beliefs are scientific truths? Are you changing your diet based only on myths? In this session, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about cancer and nutrition. 

 A4 3.00pm - 3.55pm

Retire with a Purpose by RSVP Singapore
Presented by Mr Gurdip Singh

The communities around us could always use an extra helping hand, socially isolated seniors, at-risk students, those who have been marginalised or just someone who needs a listening ear.  

You can be that someone who can make an impact in that person’s life. No matter how old you are, you can be the change in our community.  

By volunteering, you will get to brighten someone’s day, touch their lives and be the friend they need. There are all sorts of community service programmes for seniors, from befriending others to serving at places of interests and to empowering others with life-long skills – the list is endless!

 A5 4.00pm - 4.55pm

Dementia Awareness by Alzheimer's Disease Association
Presented by Mr Jeremy Khoo

Dementia is a condition that causes progressive intellectual decline leading to increasing difficulties in coping with everyday activities. It is not a part of normal aging. Join in this session to learn about the signs and symptoms of dementia. What are the risks factors and ways to reduce it? Where to get help and how you could help others?


Zoom Session 2

Code Time Programme
B2 1.00pm - 1.55pm

5 Tips for Staying Mentally Sharp as a Senior! by Tsao Foundation
Presented by Mr Ho Kum Koon (Volunteer) and Mr Woo Kum Seng (Volunteer)

How do we stay mentally sharp throughout the ageing process? In this 30 min talk our volunteer trainer/s will be sharing a brain fitness online workshop they attended recently by the Tsao Foundation’s Learning Room. The highlights of the talk will include: 

  • Their online learning experience via Zoom! 
  • The steps to take to keep the brain sharp as you age 
  • The role of lifelong learning and volunteering in boosting brain fitness

The talk will be followed by a short presentation by the Learning Room on the courses available for, and specifically designed for, seniors and senior volunteers interested in training other seniors for the Learning Room. Do join us for our upcoming workshops!

B3 2.00pm - 2.55pm

SingPass & SafeEntry by RSVP Singapore
Presented by Ms Cindy Liu, Volunteer Trainer

Discover the importance of having your personal SingPass account and benefits of using SingPass Mobile! Learn how to set up the SingPass Mobile application and access the various government digital services, such as SafeEntry check-in. You will learn how to so do via a step by step guide. Last but not least, find out how to keep your SingPass account safe!

B4 3.00pm - 3.55pm

Smart Nation & Volunteerism: Why it matters by Smart Nation & Digital Government Office
Presented by Terry Lim, Senior Assistant Director (Adoption & Engagement)

Since the launch of Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiative in 2014, several innovative tech solutions have been developed to improve the way we live, work and play. Join this session to find out more about exciting Smart Nation projects such as the TraceTogether programme and LifeSG app, and gain insights into why volunteerism has an important role to play as Singapore progresses as a Smart Nation.

B5 4.00pm - 4.55pm

Distancing is Not Isolation by Care Corner Seniors Services Ltd
Presented by Mr Ivan Chew, Assistant Senior Social Worker, CREST

Distancing is Not Isolation
Seniors coping with social isolation during Covid-19

  1. What is social isolation?
  2. Risk factors of social isolation
  3. Signs and symptoms of social isolation
  4. Prevention and management of social isolation


Zoom Session 3 

Code Time Programme
C2 1.00pm - 1.55pm

Be an Effective Volunteer (BEV) 101 by RSVP Singapore
Presented by Ms Joyce Tan

Hear about volunteerism from our experienced volunteer trainer at RSVP Singapore. If you are considering volunteering your skills, time and talent to the community, join us for a talk on “How to be an Effective Volunteer” when we will share in a nutshell the essentials for your volunteer journey including

  • Motivation & Purpose
  • Mindset & Attributes
  • People Skills
C5 4.00pm - 4.55pm

8 Fun Facts about CPF by CPF
Presented by Ms Chantal Zhang, Senior Manager, Volunteer Engagement

CPF is an essential component of our retirement planning. Thus, it is important to know your CPF, so as to benefit from it.

Did you know the fun facts about CPF?
What is CPF LIFE?
Other than benefitting from it yourself, how can you help those around you so that more can benefit?

To find out the answers, join us at this virtual talk held in collaboration with RSVP Singapore on “8 Fun Facts about CPF”.

Note: Programme is subject to change.